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Our Cafe & Cattery are two completely separate entities. This means that there are no animals near food preparation. Our cafe and cattery are divided by not only a floor to ceiling wall, but a double door vestibule and separate ventilation system. Guests can either bring our food and beverage items into the cattery - or simply eat in the cafe or takeout without interacting with the cats!

If you are allergic, or simply not a cat lover, our cafe is still the place for you!

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Limited Menu

We limited our menu to some of our favorites! See full menu items upon state-mandated re-opening here.

Tea + Coffee Drinks

Famous Drinks

Small 2.50 | Medium 2.95 | Large 3.75


Please keep in mind this is a VERY limited version of our menu! We will expand back to our full menu in the near future!

Breakfast is served all day long! Add bacon, fresh mozzarella, sauteed onions or an egg to any grilled cheese!