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Cats at Catpurrccinos

Adoption Application

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Young Adults

Ages 1 - 4 Years Old


Female | 1 Year

This sweet girl is looking to feel safe and loved. While she adores play time, Buttons really appreciates the good things in life. You’ll find her enjoying the finer things in life like relaxing in a window, comfy bed or nook, purring over a good meal and eating up all of your love and affection.


Female | DOB 05/01/2018

Radley was brought to our care at about 1 year old. While it took her time to finally find comfort, she now LOVES the laser pointer or chasing things on the TV. When approached slowly where she feels she can trust, she is a sucker for some good pets!


DOB 05/01/2019

Sugar's name comes right from his personality - oh so sweet! Sugar isn't as playful as his siblings, but is definitely the first to enjoy pets and scratches!


Male | DOB 05/01/2019

This handsome boy is new to our care, and still getting adjusted to his new life, but boy has he made some great strides! He loves playtime, is always around for treats,  but needs to be slowly approached to gain your trust. Stripes is looking for a very patient home that understands he needs time to fully get comfortable for him to be his playful, sweet self!



Mia is also a former mom cat in our care! She is still scared of her transition from outdoors to indoors, but will let you pet her and hold her like a baby all day. This beauty will blossom once she is comfortable in a forever home where she can be the center of attention!



Willow is a mama cat that is too beautiful to handle! She loves more than anything is showing and receiving affection with people. She will be best as the only cat in the house so she can give you all of her love!


Female | DOB 07/01/2019

Bridget is a little shy at first, but once you get to know her, you'll realize one thing, she loves to PLAY! She is the first to join in on the laser pointer, or chasing balls. She is looking for a home that is patient with her that will give her time to let her love and affectionate side grow!


Male | DOB 06/27/2019

Jughead loves to be part of the action, but is still on the shy side when it comes to being pet. He is out most when there are few people around, as he likes to be comfortable with his surroundings. He is looking for a home with less commotion that will allow his sweet and loving personality to shine!


Female | DOB 07/01/2019

I arrived to the rescue with my sister, Bridget! We are both EXTREMELY playful and love the company around me. I look to trust those around me first before opening up my affectionate side! Once I feel comfortable I am a great family member!


Male | Approx. DOB 05/01/2019

Just like his siblings, PJ is new to our care and is still getting acclimated to his new environment! - but makes progress daily! PJ will go nuts over a laser pointer but still needs time when it comes to warming up to new people. With the proper time and patience, PJ will become a great family member!


Female | DOB 03/01/2019

Carmel was found and rescues at about a year old, and was so sweet that we knew she'd be a perfect fit for a loving family! She is shy at first when adjusting to her new environment, but as soon as she is comfortable, she just want to cuddle and purr!


~ 2 Years

Callie is one beautiful independent lady who’s not just all looks! She is very smart and loves a good chin scratch! She can be timid around new people, but needs time to get comfortable in her new space.


Female | DOB 04/29/2019

This independent beauty will keep a watchful eye over her loved ones! While she may prefer attention on her own terms at first, she will surely open up in her furever home. We love watching Sarabi let loose and play with her favorite toys! She deserves love from her favorite people.


Female | DOB 05/01/2019

Kary is a former mom cat to 4 beautiful babies that have all found forever homes! Kary is very sweet, loves neck scratches and has a super spunky and playful side!


Female | Approx. DOB 02/01/2019

This former mama cat and her babies have been a continuous joy in our care. Marigold is a sweet and beautiful orange cat who loves to feel affection from the people around her!



Leia is a sweet young mama to just one baby! She is new to the Cat Cafe life, but is surely enjoying her stay while she looks for her forever home!


6 Months - 1 Year


Male | DOB 2/10/2020

Eros is a sweetheart that loves to snuggle. He loves to play and be a part of the action!



Male | DOB 2/10/2020

Valentino is sweet & loves to play! One of his favorite things to keep him occupied is our giant running wheel!



Female | DOB 2/10/2020

This baby loves her beauty sleep - and likes to play when she feels nice and rested! She is here with her sister, Coco, and mom, Mia, and is looking for a warm and relaxing home to spend the rest of her days in!


Female | DOB 10/19/2019

I can be a little shy in the beginning, but a laser toy sure does bring me out of my shell! I am looking for a forever home with my loving sister, Willow.


Female | DOB 2/10/2020

Coco has a spunky personality and is very adventurous! She keeps to her self at times, and comes out when she feels comfortable with the people she is with! She is here with her sister, Kisses, and mom, Mia!

Young Kittens

Under 5 Months

These kittens are only being adopted in pairs!


Male | DOB 4/10/2020

Austin is a spunky little kitten that loves to nap and be in a comfy environment! With many black cats in our care, he is extra unique with a white tip on his tail!



Male | DOB 04/30/2020

Samson is a handsome kitten that loves to explore, playtime, and someone to love on!



Female | DOB 4/04/2020

Kacie loves to sleep with her favorite humans, as well as play with string toys!


Male | DOB 04/01/2020

I am a new member to Catpurrccinos and am ready to start my journey in finding my forever home! I am one of four kitties, and love the attention from guests and to play with any toy!


Male | 04/01/2020

I am a new member to Catpurrccinos and am ready to start my journey in finding my forever home! I am one of four kitties, and love the attention from guests and to play with any toy!


Female | DOB 4/04/2020

All of the black kittens in our care have very vibrant and playful personalities, and Kiara is no different! She loves string toys and is always looking to play!



Male | DOB 4/10/2020

Chester is a sweet boy, that never fails to make people laugh! He always has a look a shock on his face, but is one of the most playful and snuggly there is!


Female | DOB 4/04/2020

Kimberly is sweet & cuddly. She took longer than her sisters to come out of her shell, but she is as affectionate as can be!


Female | DOB 04/01/2020

I am a new member to Catpurrccinos and am ready to start my journey in finding my forever home! I am the shyest of my siblings, but once I am comfortable I will show you how much I love belly rubs!




Rockefeller is sweet & playful, the perfect mix! He loves to run around to play with the other kittens and is always ready for treats and pets!



Female | DOB 4/04/2020

Kaela is your typical kitten - playful and snuggly! She loves to be around the people she loves!


Female | DOB 4/04/2020

Karina is sure one to grab your attention, as her fluffy fur and long whiskers are just as cute as her playful personality!


Female | DOB 04/01/2020

I am a new member to Catpurrccinos and am ready to start my journey in finding my forever home! I am one of four kitties, and love the attention from guests and to play with any toy!